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April 9, 2006

The True Prison - Ken Saro-Wiwa

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The True Prison by Ken Saro-Wiwa

It is not the leaking roof

Nor the singing mosquitoes

In the damp, wretched cell.

It is not the clank of the key

As the warder locks you in.

It is not the measly rations

Unfit for man or beast

Nor yet the emptiness of day

Dipping into the blankness of night

It is not

It is not

It is not

It is the lies that have been drummed

Into your ears for one generation’

It is the security agent running amok

Executing callous calamitous orders

In exchange for a wretched meal a day

The magistrate writing in her book

Punishment she knows is undeserved

The moral ineptitude

Mental decreptitude

Lending dictatorship spurious legitimacy

Cowardice asked as obedience.

Lurking in our denigrated souls

It is fear damping trousers

We dare not wash off our urine

It is this

It is this

It is this

Dear friend, turns our free world

Into a dreary prison.

March 29, 2006

The Sin of Ignorance

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There is a ’smile’ in me

That frowns at lies told by kin-breathren

Preachers of love that know no love

Justices that seek death of the innocence

Listen to my song-

On truth was our great foundation layed

On truth, our forebears gave their lives

In deceit we live and groom our young

And deny them a lasting smile, a future

With a sigh, I watch, I write, I sing, with fist and hope

Tomorrow, I know, will come with light for all

And our sin of ignorance, overcome.

Charles Wiwa (Jan 4, 2006)

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