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March 24, 2006

temporary location of nuos-ogoni redesigned site

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Hello to Charles and anyone else you invite here during our re-design process. Please note that the address for this site is only temporary. Once we’re happy with it, we can switch it over to

My plan is to document progress here on the site, and we can delete these administrative messages if we want to before the site goes live.

So, here’s what I think needs to be done. Please add more in the comments if you have more:

  • Charles, register yourself here and I’ll give you administrator permissions - that way you can help me build the site, or at least work on the content side of things
  • pick a template we like, with colors we like
  • put content here, the way we want it, including the flag (we’ll expand this item into it’s own list as we get going)
  • add anyone else that should be here as an admin

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